Cutting off the world seemed much finer than cutting off from what seems the world to you. Nights passed by, and I wished I wrote a single piece of poetry, just one word maybe to go on with. Coil my paper in the tangles of black ink, dip my pen in the emotions so volatile […]


​It’s not you who has the weapon to kill me. I’m just handing over you the knife I stab myself with in seasons of emptiness. But I guess I chose you, for you have got a nice aim.

Strangling myself at the hand of ropes tugging me between the inside and the outside. I may not be a channel it seems, but an abused bridge.


​If I had borrowed all those hours at night I have been sleepless I would have given time some extra ticks to run and lend it to my day. Maybe not run, maybe go slower. So the world for once would consider commas over full stops. Pauses over ends.

Plain Road

​Not everyone has the adventurous versatility Not everyone has the spark Maybe some are the dull yellow street lamps always falling on the same street Casting the same shadows Reflecting the same sketchy road. And they could be happy with that. Maybe they are not the river rafting riders But humming legs dipped in a […]

What ifs

What if I didn’t know what living was So would breathing count as fine? What if I didn’t know what love is  Would making people smile count as fine? What if I didn’t know what anger was Would aching myself for someone’s mistakes count as fine? What if I didn’t know what fear was Would […]

First attempt at story writing!

I woke up. How could I possibly wake up though? Is this heaven? The white walls of hospital seemed like a bright room to be in, for an instant I thought I had been dead and at peace. Realising, unfortunately my suicide attempt failed, now i not only had to face my parents but also […]