After a long time.

After being soaked in old memories and the comfort of my homey pen, I didn’t intend to come back to typing or blogging. As a matter of fact I was pretty happy being lost in soliditary forests and the chanting waves of my imagination, alone clashing with some pages. A friend today reminded me of […]

Just me.

I don’t want to be famous, or successful, or even remotely an idol. I just want to be me in this whole wide world. No matter however insignificant or ordinary I may be, I just want to be flourished in my own skin where the sun ain’t burning it anymore nor the people. Where I’m […]

6.00 pm. 11th Apr, 2017.

I met the cutest kid on my journey today off to a poetry session. I just boarded the train and he was there with his big cute pearl eyes looking at me like the cutest puppy face and suddenly smiled like I’m his favourite person on this entire planet. Nothing could have been any more […]

Not a fighter.

On my bed, somehow the soft chatters of perfectly silken threads had a roughness embroidered today. The sun shone equally bright but seems like rain gave him a playful wash today and so he smiled from his first ray to another. Although warm, my body felt such defying coldness like it shivered the gaps between […]

Need to let go.

You don’t even realise how many things you have hoarded up as memories until one day you have to clean up your cupboard. Years, dates, inspirations, memories, all behind a closed door suffocating just because you think someday you will read it all again. I don’t. I never once read again any of it and […]

So what is going to?

We all can do so many things. (I – write this post.) Completely sympathising and acceptable. Shed some tears of empathy,  Shout out the aggression gripping our minds in hiding terrors, Prepare for intellectual or at least patriotic opinion battles, Or just drum the bands of humanity, reality, freedom, life, death; oh! lets join a […]