So what is going to?

We all can do so many things.

(I – write this post.)

Completely sympathising and acceptable.

Shed some tears of empathy, 

Shout out the aggression gripping our minds in hiding terrors,

Prepare for intellectual or at least patriotic opinion battles,

Or just drum the bands of humanity, reality, freedom, life, death; oh! lets join a parade, shall we?

News are bombarded with the attacks, the politics, the remains of what was a country once, the remains of what we knew as humans once.

There are not just this bloodsheds, or innocent lives scattered like carcasses eaten out by vultures, there is power.

And yes, oh so bloody yes, power comes with terror.

With money, with hate, 

Actually within the very parts which loves, births this hate.

So if you are gonna ask the small children what they need, what they are living through,

Believe me, they are not gonna talk about attacking and defense strategies.

They are not gonna talk about who’s the killer, who’s this saviour if any.

They are not gonna talk about which countries are counter attacking, which are being their guest to help.

They are not gonna talk about why people all over world are being so sympathetic and crying tears of their part but also breathing out somewhere safe, the air which they​ can’t inhale into their crippled not only bodies but beliefs.

They are not gonna talk about media, war, weapons, strategies, truth or even terrorism itself.

The only thing they want is to be safe.

With a family, in one body.

Share videos, feel sad, conspire theories, reveal or bury the truth, sit across the chimes of air and still breathe to live another day at the end, under your roofs.

I don’t know if any of this means anything to the people dying there, if any of this is going to change things there.

So if not this, what is going to?


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