Not Evil.

If you think I’m tired of my darkness and I pity myself
You are so wrong

I have completely fallen in love with it

And it has consumed me so I keep consuming it to have more and more

I will swallow everything 

Every light

Every single ray

And make it so black

Coz black is the ink I prefer

I will give the world no stars of mine

And if you come near I will let not you shine

Or sparkle

Thinking that I’m the dark sky you being a star we can live for eternity


I will consume you too

Like a black hole

You won’t even see that happening

The terror too will be vanished

Coz darkness sees nothing

You won’t have fears or anything

Because you won’t exist anymore

I’m so hungry

I can suck everything down to grey

Paint my canvas with shades of dark

And throw some more transparent of you with keep you thinking that you may shine

But you just were dissolved

I’m not evil.

I’m just dark.

Don’t cure me with light.

I may just puke it out.


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