Today when I was finally feeling a bit intellectual about myself, a friend indeed changed my flawful concern. A simple question could have ended with a simple answer. But then how could I have learned any better.

“What is the answer for 1÷0?”


“Why is that when you divide any number by zero, you think you get zero and same is with multiplication?”

(Ok I suck at math!)

Now I won’t go further with the whole conversation we had, but in the end I was left thinking about all the possibilities of the number or earlier used as a symbol ‘0’, whereas ‘think’ was his last reply and he could sleep in peace.


Probably nothing. That’s what zero meant! 

The more you learn, the less you yet know.

Any answers would gladly be acknowledged.



7 thoughts on “1÷0

  1. I am a math person – obviously any number divided by zero is zero. In Geometry it is the center point, on the y or x axes it is dead center, negative numbers to left and positive numbers to the right. When you divide with zero there is no movement on lines (coordinate system.)
    Does that help?

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