Your Universe.

And knocking off some awe from my face, I creeped back to my book and pen.

Realised they too are in awe because experiencing someone’s story falling on your ears just like water falling off a cliff, you would love to dive in and breathe in the purity even though you know may die if u breathe in water.

But how their words echo in the silent woods at the back of your mind, 

Their mumbles whispering the chants of godliness,

Their face sparkling like Venus

And striding across the universe of your soul.

You wonder if your stars would ever come across such bright light that the darkness would fathom and bestow a constellation revealing its glory in the distant sky.

You wonder if you have the time machine they had to make someone travel back in not time but pauses, where maybe time wasn’t the daily guest and you could seize moments of vacuum like tinkling fireflies.

You wonder if you would ever see the same awe, the same aura their words created, the same portal they took you in, the same conciousness they filled with imagination; but,

It’s never gonna happen.


Because you here, will create an universe of your own.

The galaxies,

The supernovas,

The black holes,

The meteors,

The sun,

The infinite space.

So maybe you have the same abcdefg… they had,

But a world in you is yet to be explored.


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