What ifs

What if I didn’t know what living was So would breathing count as fine? What if I didn’t know what love is  Would making people smile count as fine? What if I didn’t know what anger was Would aching myself for someone’s mistakes count as fine? What if I didn’t know what fear was Would […]

First attempt at story writing!

I woke up. How could I possibly wake up though? Is this heaven? The white walls of hospital seemed like a bright room to be in, for an instant I thought I had been dead and at peace. Realising, unfortunately my suicide attempt failed, now i not only had to face my parents but also […]


I’m the voice you can’t hear because your headsets are up. I’m the breeze you cannot feel because the windows are closed. I’m the fragrance that is an allergy. I’m a cure for which the disease has not been discovered. I’m the existence in denial because it doesn’t seem to fit. I’m everything consisting of […]

Not Evil.

If you think I’m tired of my darkness and I pity myself You are so wrong I have completely fallen in love with it And it has consumed me so I keep consuming it to have more and more I will swallow everything  Every light Every single ray And make it so black Coz black […]

Best Friend.

When I’m the season of rain, you could have shed me away by an umbrella. But you loved getting wet in my sorrows and yet looked so beautiful; like the sun was shining right out of you. And somewhere between my emotions then, I shared a rainbow with you. 

A Star

And as I hid my eyes in the cover of eyelids for my hair to feel the fabric of a soft pillow tangled in itself, I borrowed some dreams blind, from the surrounding darkness and from the inside of my deepest vows I made to imagination.  ‘Sleep my baby girl’ my mother sang, from up […]


When I was younger I had a weird walk with an estranged posture. People, my elder sister, would laugh at me, bully me. I wasn’t someone, someone one would love to see and appreciate. I folded. I grew up a bit. Puberty hit. I had a storm of emotions rushed to me like 1000 gigabytes […]